Installation / Relocation / Refurbishment

To rotating machinery OEM, to EPC contractors or rotating machinery end users, CFATEC provides wide range of solutions adapted to projects’ needs and sites’ environment.


For new projects, CFATEC is in charge of all site activities such as:

  • Unloading, installation
  • Mechanical erection
  • Low voltage cabling, including instrumentation calibration
  • Control panel energizing, Loop check, PLC calibration
  • Commissioning and load test


For existing equipment relocation projects, CFATEC provides following supports:
  • Dismantling and packing for shipment
  • Transfer
  • Reassembly coordination
  • Commissioning

Refurbishment / Retrofit

Under OEM supervision or on behalf of the end user, CFATEC executes all refurbishment activities at site for rotating machinery.